1064nm 100mW Picosecond Pulse 파이버 레이저 Ultra-fast Picosecond Pulsed Source 모듈 유형

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1064nm 100mW Picosecond Pulse 파이버 레이저 Ultra-fast Picosecond Pulsed Source Module Type

The ultrafast laser uses high-performance rare earth fiber as the working medium, combined with full polarization-maintaining mode-locking technology and active servo control system to achieve stable output of picosecond pulsed laser in the 1064nm band. It can be fully self-started and work stably for a long time. It has the characteristics of narrow laser pulse and high pulse peak optical power. This light source can be used for scientific research in high-power laser, supercontinuum, laser ranging and other fields.
Parameters such as pulse width, power, and repetition rate can be customized.

Ultrashort pulse.
Self-starting and maintenance-free.
Fully Polarization maintaining, high stability.

Fiber laser pumping
Supercontinuum generation
Seed laser pulse


Parameter Unit Value Remarks
Wavelength nm 1064 1560/1060/1064nm customizable
Spectral Width nm 0.3nm@3dB Customizable
Pulse Width ps 25 10/20/50/100ps customizable
Output Power mW 100 10~2000mW customizable
Power Instability   < ±1% 25℃, 5 minutes after starting
Repeat Frequency MHz 20 15~100MHz customizable
Single Pulse Energy nJ >1  
Stable Time of Mode Locking After Startup s <20  
Laser polarization state   Linear polarization  
Laser Output Method   PM polarization-maintaining fiber  
Fiber Interface   FC/APC  
Preheat Time min <1  

Electrical and environmental parameters

Parameter Desktop Type Module Type
(Current Product)
Control Mode Button Button
Synchronous Electrical Signal Interface SMA SMA
Power Supply 100~240V AC, <30W 5V DC, <20W
Size 330(W)×398(D)×112(H)mm 200(W)×121(D)×55(H)mm
Operating Temperature 5 ~ 45°C
Operating Humidity 0~70%


Picosecond Pulse 파이버 레이저

Picosecond Pulse 파이버 레이저

picosecond pulse fiber laser

1064nm picosecond laser

Picosecond Pulse 파이버 레이저

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