Ultraviolet deuterium lamp source D-2000 Optical fiber interface output Deep UV measurement

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D-2000 deuterium lamp source
D-2000 deuterium lamp can produce stable output spectrum of 190-400nm. The peak to peak stability is less than 0.005%, and the drift is only + / - 0.5% per hour.

Deep UV coverage. The coverage is 190-400nm;
Excellent performance. The peak to peak stability is less than 0.005%;
D-2000 has a SMA905 interface, which is convenient to connect with spectrometer, optical fiber and other measurement accessories;
D-2000 deuterium lamp bulb with a service life of 1000 hours, can be easily replaced;
Power supply: 85 ~ 250V AC 50 ~ 60Hz
Fiber: Our UV resistant quartz fiber is recommended.

【Light source parameters】
크기: 150 mm x 135 mm x 319 mm
Weight: 3.5kg
출력 파워: D2000/25W(Deuterium lamp), D2000-L/30W(Deuterium lamp)
Wavelength range: 185-600 nm (deep UV deuterium lamp bulb)
Humidity range: 5-95 %
Current: 85V/0.3A at work
Service life: D2000/1,500 hours, D2000-L/2,000 hours
Bulb voltage: Lighting voltage 580V@20 ℃
Voltage drift: < 0.01 % per hour
Voltage stability: < 5x10^-6 Peak to peak (0.1-10.0 Hz)
Working temperature: 5 ℃ - 35 ℃
Interface: SMA905(default), FC/PC can be customized
Radiation characteristics: 0.5mm aperture, numerical aperture NA0.22~0.37;
Power consumption: ~ 78 VA
Preheating time: 40 minutes (deuterium lamp)
Power supply: 85~250 V AC 50~60 HZ


D-2000 deuterium lamp source

D-2000 deuterium lamp source

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