589nm 3W 고체 레이저 노랑 dpss 레이저

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589nm 3W 고체 레이저 노랑 dpss 레이저
589nm 3W Solid-state laser  Yellow dpss laser 
589nm yellow laser in biomedicine, space target detection and recognition, laser show, chemistry and other fields have broad application prospects.
589nm yellow laser as a new light source, spectroscopy, laser positioning and navigation, astronomy, and other fields have also have important applications significance;
상품 명칭: 589nm  Solid-state laser Yellow dpss laser 
파장: 589±1nm
출력: 1mW~3000mW
공간적 모드: TEMoo
작동 모드: TTL/CW/SIM
M2:  ≤1.5
빔 확산도: <2.0 mrad
Beam diameter (1/e2): ≤2.5mm
Spectral line width: 0.1nm
Polarization ratio: ≥100:1
전력 안정성: <±3% (rms@4h)
예열시간: ≤10(min)
빔 안정성: ≤0.05(mrad)
작동온도: 10℃~40℃
작업 인생: About 10,000 hours
TTL 변조: 0~20K
Analog 변조: 0~20K/5VDC
빔 높이: 30mm
Heat dissipation method: TECFANS
레이저 헤드 크기: 140mm(L)*77mm(W)*60mm(H)
Laser Head 무게: 0.8kg
Laser Power Supply 무게: 1.8kg
Laser Power Supply 무게: 238mm(L)*155mm(W)*90mm(H)
입력전압: 85~265VAC 
보증 기간: 1 Year
[Package includes]
1 x 589nm Yellow dpss laser
1 x Power supply


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