14-pin DFB 레이저 다이오드 1550nm 나비 반도체 레이저

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14-pin DFB 레이저 다이오드 1550nm 나비 반도체 레이저
14-pin DFB Laser Diodes 1550nm Butterfly Semiconductor Laser

The SWLD series laser diodes cover customer selection of large wavelengths from 1260nm to 1650nm which are fabricated in a hermetically sealed 14-pin butterfly package.The laser diodes  contains thermoelectric cooler (TEC), thermistor, monitor photodiode,optical isolator to secure high quality laser performance. We also have full customer selection of output powers, package types and output fibers of SM fibers, PM fibers and other special fibers. Our laser products are Telcordia GR-468 qualified, and in compliance with RoHS directives.

1. High output power(10~100mW)
2. High-performance, multiquantum well (MQW) distributed-feedback (DFB) laser
3. Industry-standard, 14-pin butterfly package
4. Built-in TEC and optical isolator
5. ITU wavelengths available from 1260 nm —1650 nm
6. Customer selection of wavelengths

1. LAN, WAN and metro networks
2. C/DWDM systems
3. Fiberoptic sensors
4. Laser sources
5. CATV systems


Parameter Symbol Condition Min. Typical Value Max. Unit
Center Wavelength λc TL=15~35℃ CW 1549.92 1550.12 1550.32 nm
Peak Optical Output Power PO   10     mW
Optical Isolation   -10 < TC < +70 oC 30     dB
Spectral linewidth LW Full width, half maximum (FWHM)   2   MHz
Bandwidth(@-3dB) BW     2.5   GHz
Side-mode Suppression Ratio SMSR CW 35 40   dB
Polarization Extinction Ratio ER   20     dB
Wavelength Drift (EOL) △λ Tested over 25-year lifetime     ±0.1 nm
Wavelength Temperature coefficient Δλ/ΔT TEC temperature at 15℃ to 35℃   0.09   nm/°C
Wavelength Current coefficient Δλ/ΔT TEC temperature at 15℃ to 35℃   0.01   nm/mA

Electrical Characteristics (at 25 °C laser temperature)

Parameter Symbol Condition Min. Typical Value Max. Unit
Threshold Current ITH     10 35 mA
Slope Efficiency   CW output power 5 mW 0.005 0.08 0.2 mW/mA
Operating current Iop PO= 10 mW (CW)   100 200 mA
TEC set temperature Ts   15   35
Laser Forward Voltage VF CW output power 10 mW   1.2 2.0 V
Monitor Dark Current ID       0.1 μA
Input Impedance ZIN   22 25 28 Ω
Thermistor Current ITC   10   100 μA
Thermistor Resistance RTH TL = 25 °C 9.5 10 10.5
TEC Current ITEC TL = 25 °C, TC = 70 °C     1.5 A
TEC Voltage VTEC TL = 25 °C, TC = 70 °C     3.0 V
TEC capacity ΔT Tc = 70℃     50 °C
Thermistor temperature         100 °C

Fiber Pigtail Specifications

Parameter Description
Fiber Type PM fiber
Jacket Type 900μm loose tube
Pigtail Length 1.0±0.1m
Connector Type FC/APC
PM fiber Connector Orientation Please see the below figure


Butterfly semiconductor laser

Butterfly semiconductor laser

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