632.8nm 레드 헬륨 레이저 점 DOT 레이저 모듈 레이저 광원

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632.8nm 레드 헬륨 레이저 점 DOT 레이저 모듈 레이저 광원
632.8nm Red He-Ne Laser Dot Laser Moudle Laser Source

Good monochromatic, good coherence and good direction,high brightness

1. Teaching experiment
2. Precision metrology and measurement
3. Laser communication
4. Laser phototype
5. Clinical medical
6. Agricultural breeding and other education
7. Scientific research
8. Production area

Product 상품 명칭: 632.8nm He-Ne Laser
Wavelength: 632.8nm
작동 전압: 4~6mA
출력: >2mW
Laser Tube Size: Φ35*250mm
Light Polarity: Light out of the cathode
Continuous Working Time: >8 hours
Rated Voltage: 220V±22V AC
Rated Frequency: 50Hz
Rated Input Power: <20W
Light Exit Hole: 4.2mm
Spot Size at 10cm: 1mm
Spot Size at 1m: 2mm
Spot Size at 3m: 6mm
Spot Size at 5m: 12mm
Spot Size at 10m: 24mm
Ambient Temperature: -10~40℃
Relative Humidity: ≤80%
Laser Size: 300(L)*62(W)*82(H)
무게: 1.5kg

1. He-Ne laser beam is high brightness, highenergy laser beam, It is forbidden to aim the light at the naked eye so as not to damage the eyes.
2. In the course of use, abnormal conditions such as abnormal noise, odor, smoke, etc., should be quickly cut off and checked.
3. Do not open the front cover and back cover to prevent damage to the device and high voltage electric shock.
4. Keep in a dry and ventilated place. Remember not to contact chemicals and corrosive gases.

Common Error and Treatment Methods:

Number Common Error Causes and Treatments
1 No laser beam

1. The fuse is broken, replace the 0.5A fuse

2. Laser tube leaks, replace the laser tube

2 The laser beam is pink The laser output power drops, the laser tube leaks,replace the laser tube
3 Laser beam flashes

1. Low external voltage

2. Resistant insulation is damaged and the high-voltage side discharges. Replace the resistance

4 Scent, temperature rise, smoke Module power supply is damaged, replace module power supply



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